Located in a separate dimension outside of reality known as the Spectrum, a grand castle known as the Rainbow Palace is a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ individuals across the multiverse.

The doors of the Rainbow Palace are open to everyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, and guests may stay as long as they like- or even become permanent residents. However, visitors and residents of the Spectrum may live anywhere they like within its reality, and homes can be magically created upon request.

Welcome to Pride Prism!

We're an LGBTQ+ stream team focused on trans rights, intersectionality, and uplifting marginalized voices.Click your favorite vtuber to learn more about them!

The Founders

The Rainbow Council

Wave 1: Courage

Mavis - Founder

they/them and fae/faer

Meet Mavis! Mavis is genderfluid and nonbinary, and changes their gender presentation often to suit their fluidity/state, fluxing between androgynous, feminine, or masculine.They are variety streamer/gamer that loves art and music. They are mixed, and strongly identify with their Indigenous Puerto Rican heritage. Mavis is also on the ADHD and Autism spectrums, and loves animals- their favorite animals are cats. Their favorite video game is Deltarune.

Momokeas - Founder

ze/zir and they/them

Momokeas here! Leader of the Starwarriors. Momo is created of Stardust and Starlight. Ze uses Ze/Zir and They/Them pronouns. A Puerto Rican mixed with some ADHD and Lysdexia. Indie games is zirs specialty and ze loves Kirby so much!

Werepuppy - Founder

she/her and they/them

Meet Werepuppy! They are an Artist specialising in Character Illustration. She uses She/They pronouns, is a Sapphic Pansexual Demigirl, and is married to the wonderful TK_Layla! She is also on the Autism spectrum. Their favourite games are FFXIV, Powerwash Simulator & Minecraft.

TheTwilightNova - Moderator

he/him and they/them

Meet Twilight! Twilight is a nonbinary variety streamer who uses he/they pronouns. He enjoys playing games, mostly The Legend of Zelda series and loves making and eating food!

Styx - Moderator

they/them and it/its

Welcome to the River Styx!Styx is genderfluid, aromantic, and pansexual and it uses they/it pronouns. They're an autistic, disabled, and chronically ill content creator with tourettes who does a mix of vtubing and irl creation. To keep up with its ever changing self image, they use a mixture of different vtuber models and are constantly playing with their physical appearance.Their hobbies include mythology, witchcraft, audiobooks, and learning about mental health and neurodivergence. Its favorite games are League of Legends and Minecraft.

GayBoness - Moderator

it/its and glitch/glitchself

Meet Bones! Bones is a nonbinary lesbian variety streamer who uses it/its and glitch/glitchself pronouns, and is neurodivergent and seeking a chronic illness diagnosis. It enjoys RPGs, puns, and spending time with friends on and off stream. Glitch can often be found overanalyzing side characters from its favorite media, including Dragon Age, Skyrim and Ace Attorney!If you stop by glitches streams, make sure to say hello to its cat Edgeworth, who can usually be heard meowing his head off in the background.

Layla - Moderator


"Welcome to the depths of Mugenkan!"TK_Layla is your manipulator of chaos, and a trans woman who is in lesbians... I mean married to Werepuppy! You can expect chaotic games like Fall Guys, critical hits like FFXIV, and of course... podcasts; with gameshows, Marble GPs, react challenges, and collabs planned further down the line.Mind the trucks though ^^

PocketPrinceFlynn - Moderator


PocketPrinceFlynn reporting from Space!! They are a 2'10", half-Fae Variety Streamer, Artist, and your resident pocket bean.
Pronouns are They/She/Any.
They are a Nonbinary Queer Lesbian Content Creator with a passion for interactive, safe queer/neurodivergent spaces where people can feel included and have fun!

MoonBtch - Member

she/her and they/them

Meet moonbtch the space witch! She goes by Moon and uses she/they pronouns. They have ADHD and are possibly on the autism spectrum. They're bisexual and married, still figuring out her gender identity but she falls under nonbinary!They're an artist and live2D rigger. She's worked in marketing and graphic design her whole career so that’s their wheelhouse, they love analytics and the technical side of content creation.Their favorite games are Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Monster Prom!

Tanandra - Member


Meet Tan! She's a trans woman and her pronouns are she/her. She streams a lot of Warframe, co-op and chat inclusive games.Apart from vtubing, she's a Warframe Creator and a Twitch Partner, a certified wreck SCUBA diver, she can sight-read music on the saxophone, the alto, bass, and b flat clarinet as well as play drums! She's been married for 35 years.

Wormprint - Member


Meet Worm! They're nonbinary, biromantic, and asexual and use they/them pronouns. They're a cute fae vtuber born from an apple tree who loves to play video games.Their favorite games are Dragalia Lost, Pokemon Unite, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, and Omori. As well as gaming they enjoy writing and bookbinding.

ShaylaYumii - Member


Meet Shayla, your favorite genetic freak. Their pronouns are they/them, and they're nonbinary, asexual, and engaged!They're a variety streamer and a huge advocate for plus size bodies, mental health, pride and equality. They tend to be loud and opinionated and wear their heart on their sleeve. Their favorite color is yellow and they're obsessed with computers, monsters, and bumble bees.

IchigoGummi - Member


Meet Gummi, your local clown magician here for all your clownery needs. They're a pansexual non-binary trans masc who uses they/he/it pronouns. Its also on the autism spectrum, and his special interests are soul eater, art, and dolls!Its a variety/art streamer who enjoys playing Genshin, visual novels, vr, and more. They're huge goof ball and try to bring a fun and loving energy every time he streams. They've been doing digital art for about 2 years, and his favorite thing to do is character design!

ItsYuiNya - Member

she/her and they/them

Meet Yui! They're a degenerate anime cat girl come to life. She's a polyamorous biromantic demisexual demigirl and their pronouns are she/they. She's also on the autism spectrum and an advocate for LGBTQ+ and mental health rights.Her favorite games are Project Diva, Pokemon, and Genshin Impact, and they love rhythm games as well. In addition to video games, they love art and animation, anime and manga, vocaloid, and horror media.

QueenAfyn - Member

she/her and they/them

This is Afyn (pronounced af-in)! She's nonbinary and uses she/they pronouns. They play a lot of Minecraft, R6: Seige, Apex Legends, and Dead By Daylight, and her favourite game is Destiny 2.She playfully refers to her neurodivergence as a "brain worm" and outside of streaming does pre and post production work for podcasts and audio dramas. They also spend a lot of time writing for her degree and playing guitar.

Intrah_Venus - Member

they/them and it/its

Meet Intrah, your local blood sucking alien and mean goth friend! They're pansexual, asexual, polyamorous, and nonbinary and use they/it pronouns.It enjoys horror movies and games of all sorts especially Dead by Daylight as well as non-horror games such as Minecraft and Animal Crossing! Its a fan of bats, snakes, anything creepy crawly, and loves exploring alternative fashion and morbid aesthetics through their art.

BippyMelon - Member


Meet Bippy! They're a star dragon from the cosmos here to bring good vibes and loving times. Their pronouns are they/she and she's a finsexual androgyne.They're a variety streamer that currently plays RPGs and VRChat, and soon she'll be expanding to Nintendo games and hopefully Fortnite! Her favorite video game Fire Emblem: Awakening and they also participate in writing and stand up comedy.

Hazel_Amanita - Member


Meet Hazel, the fae sprouting vtuber! They're nonbinary, bisexual, biromantic, and use they/them pronouns. They're also a mixed BIPOC streamer with ADHD.They're an artist and variety streamer who does gaming, chatting, singing, and soon they'll add talk shows to that list! They love to bring a comfy yet chaotic vibe everywhere they go.